Test Cards for the week of 14- 18th Dec

From Last weeks results and the lessons we learned we have the following assumptions to test this week.

  • We will talk to more companies who have been able to integrate to the mobile platforms and bank API’s locally and find out how they did it and what we need to make it happen.
  • Find out from mobile companies if there is a discount in transaction fees when the number of transactions increase and the volume of transactions increase or surpass a certain number.
  • Put an Advertisement  on social media as well as continue with cold calling to increase the number of users to our platform.
  • Continue to negotiate with potential partners into entering mutually beneficial relationships and if at all it is possible.
  • Calculate our current costs and determine if our current revenue model will offset the cost and forecast our future cost and future revenue and if we should pivot or iterate  on our current revenue.

We will have the results in the course of the week and we look forward to sharing them with you.

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